Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 10 Award

Hey everybody!! I got tagged with this award by Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish and by manicuredmonkey
So I would like to thank them both, this is so nice of you. I really enjoy these tags.
So the rules are:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

Now for my to top ten cosmetics list - I have to really think about this one because I've got so many:
1. Nail polish - I don't know what brand to choose because I have so many, but my favourites are OPI, China Glaze, Kiko, and Dior.
2. Seche Vite top coat - can't live without it anymore. I love being able to put on a manicure and ten min later it being dry.
3. Farmec solution with vitamin B5 for nails - it has saved my nails, I used to have very brittle nails, that would brake easily, but this stuff has really helped me, and since I've started using it I am able to have long and strong nails.
4. Face cream from Avene with SPF 20 - I think SPF is really important for the face skin. I don't like getting tan outside my vacation, I have the wrinckle fear and tanning causes wrinckles to become more visible. 
5. Make up Forever HD foundation - I just love this formula, it covers very well without making you look like you're wearing a mask. I changed it for a Mac foundation and soon regretted it so I came back to it recently. 
6. Concealler - I loved a Make up Forever one that I had, but don't remember the name, but the quantity was small, and I consummed it very quickly. Now I have a Mac one, but I am not happy with it. I don't know if it's this brand in general, but I am not happy with any of the Mac products I've purchased. 
7. Face powder - Now I am using a compact powder from Benefit - I don't like tinted ones, and this one has a very subtle coloration and it is very fine. Next I am going to try Make up forever Poudre libre HD. 
8. Blush - I don't really have a favourite brand everything basically works for me, but I have to put it on, because I have very white skin, and look very pale without it. 
9. Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC - the only Mac product I bought and loved - I apply it over my blush, to give my cheeks a kind of glow. 
10. Extase mascara from Dior - the best mascara I've ever tried!!! I have very small eeylashes, and they are rare too, and this mascara makes them look so good!!
11. Lipstick - I hate lipgloss - my choice of lipstick right now is Estee Lauder Pure color - it's really creamy and makes my lips feel smooth.
12. Eyeshadow - I have lots of brands that I love and use - Sephora, Bourjois, Estee Lauder, Wet'n'Wild, L'Oreal, Nyx, and lots others. 
I did 12 because I need 12 :D
And now for the blogs I would like to tag:
1. Jane from Nailside  - I love her blog she does lots of manis with scotch tape
2. Ivana from Ivana thinks Pink - she has pretty square tips and her blog just turned 1 - check it out she's having a giveaway
3. Amy from Gotham Polish - she has an original blog with travelling polish. 
4. Danielle  from Polish Obsessed - I love the shape of her nails, and she does wonderfull stamping too. 
5. Noir laquer  - I love her blog, she does nice swatches and always has the latest collections
6. Anutka from Wacky Laky - she does great clean swatches and her photos look really good.
7. Tasha from Chikisnails - love the swatches and her little chiwawa!
8. Penelope from All things nails! - she's got lovely long nails and her swatches got me to buy lots of polish
9. Olivia - from Varnish me - Great looking blog with great pictures and lovely polishes 
10. Taya from My little beauty world - She not only does nail polish swatches and manis but also reviews beauty products. 
So these are my choices - hope you check out all of these blogs and have a great day!


I love reading your comments so don't hesitate to leave one!! Thank you!! It is very appreciated!