Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catrice - Sold out forever

Hey everybody!!
My second Catrice, and as I've seen on the blogosphere quite a popular choice for lots of you, but I actually picked it up not knowing this was Sold out forever.
It's a green cream base, with small green shimmer. The shimmer is hardly visible but it's there, and I hope I did a good job on the photos so you too can spot it.
The application was great, and the formula is great too, it's a bit liquid but I like it.
I just got my package back from Cristina - I sent her some of the Touring America polishes so she could try them out, and she sent them back last week, along with some other goodies - like chocolate, two beautiful rings, some weird candy, some new naipolishes and a book about cats prechewed by her rabbit.
And back to today's polish, this was 2 coats - click to enlarge and see the beautiful shimmer
Natural light no sunshine

Natural light and sunshine

Artificial light


  1. That shimmer is a game changer! So pretty!

  2. Gorgeous color on your nails and I love the shimmers. It really adds something to the polish .


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