Sunday, June 12, 2011

China Glaze - Cha cha cha

Hey guys!!
Sorry about the lack of posts since friday. I was away on a long weekend in London, for the marriage of a friend of ours, who lives there. I loved London!! It's such a beautiful city, with the chic houses with the colomns. We staied at a hotel in Notting Hill and it was just in a street full of little shops that sold antiquities, a little cupcake shop and a lot of cafés.
We went out to a club after the wedding and I saw the centre of London at night, it was as populated at  3 a.m. as in the middle of the day.
We took a tour of the city in one of those duble decker buses. We had one sunny day and two with lots of rain, but it was ok. We ate at a pub a big burger with chips (this is how they call fries).
Everybody there says Cheers! all the time, don't know why, even the steward said this to me as I boarded the plain.
I bought an excellent miniature Volkswagen car just like the one that Kelso has in That 70's show - I don't know if that show has any fans among you guys. Now I am super tired, and don't have time to show you pictures, but I will take some tomorow of the things I brought back and post them. I also bought two Barry M polishes, one Topshop necklace which is just so cute - the pendant is a wishbone -  and an Andrea Fullerton polish.
And so I can show you some polish pictures, since this is a polish blog, today I have for you the green polish from the Island Escape collection.
It's a green jelly base, full of gorgeous green shimmer. It was opaque in two coats, and the formula was just like on the other ones, it's a bit runny but nothing I can't handle. The application was ok too, the first coat is very transparent, you think that you are going to need many coats to get full opacity, but actually two is enough.
So here are the photos - clikc to enlarge:


  1. did this polish stain your nails? I just took off Blue Iguana and it stained pretty bad :(

  2. This is such a strange green. I like it, then I talk myself out of it, then I hate it, then I like it again lol

  3. Danielle this one did not stain but about blue iguana you are not the first that says this.
    Poetic Realist - i loved it too, even though I am not such a fan of green polish.
    The nailaholic - if you are not sure of it don't buy it, I prefer senorita bonita from this collection
    Cristina - mersi draga

  4. Glad you liked London! Your post made me laugh!! It must sound funny to hear everyone saying 'cheers' all the time - we use it instead of 'thanks' and sometimes 'goodbye' but I'd never thought about what it must sound like to non uk-ers!!!!

    Cheers!!!!! xxxx

  5. Oh ok, this certainly makes more sense to me now. I thought that the steward was just funny. Because at school we are told that cheers is just for when you have drinks.
    Even at the store they said this. I loved it and we will surely go back.


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