Friday, June 17, 2011

KIKO 281

I wore this for about 4 days on my weekend in London, and also to the wedding I attended. It didn't chip at all, and had very little tip wear after all that time.
This is a cream red with hints of coral and pink. I love the application on this one, its brush is very good, I like that it's flat.
The formula is great, it's not too gloopy, not too runny, just right. I applied two coats, and it was tip top for four days. I am loving these polishes, and I got this in their may sale the polishes were 2.5€.
I am sorry for not posting yesterday, I was away on business, and came back at 11 o'clock at night so I did not have the time.

Mumu found his pillow - my calculator


  1. Ohhh Mumu is so cute!!
    Ruxi, I love this color, the coral/red looks very nice on you.

  2. Great classic red! And hello to Mumu, such a cutie. :)

  3. I love ANY polish that is long wearing, the awesome color is just a bonus lol :)


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