Thursday, June 23, 2011

Andrea Fullerton - Mischa

This is a real gem, I found it in London, and it is such a unique polish. This is an English brand I think, it retails for 5£ and the bottles are 5.5ml. So it's pretty expensive, but in small quantities it's ok.
I have to say that the polish scene is much more develloped in England, I saw LA colors, Barry M, the new Revlon collection was already out there and they had an offer at Boots 2 for 8£, so much cheapper than here - 12€. Barry M retail for 2,5£. Here the cheapest polish you can find are Kiko - 4€.
So - the polish - It is a dark blue, nearly gray jelly, full of blue and golden shimmer.
It takes 2 coats to get it opaque but I put on 3, that way I got more shimmer, but I think that finally there wasn't much difference between 2  and 3 coats .
This color is not so flattering on my skintone, but it is soooooo prettyyyy. So looksie!! click to enlarge so you can see the shimmer wonderfulness!!


  1. It reminds me of Zoya Crystal, but darker. Cousins! I love it :)

  2. What a great polish! I think it looks fine with your skintone.

  3. OMG! You have no idea how bad I want this now! :P I love blue foils and that gold really adds something special! It kind of reminds me of a blue version of Sally Hansen Purple Gala. And I agree with KarenD, it looks fine on you!


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