Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zoya - Kimmy

This is from the Summertime & Sunshine collection and it is going in my top 5. I still have to show you Zoya Faye which horribly stained my nails, but it is so pretty!!
This is a red jelly base, just gorgeously filled with gold and red shimmer. It's totally opaque in 2 coats and it is just one of those colors that practice hypnose on you: that is you can't help but stare at your nails all day long.
The application and formula were super, the brush just glided on and I didn't need much clean up. It was all perfect in my opinion.
I have to say I really found this one to be really beautiful, and it complimented very well my skin tone.
After that I applied a coat of silver shatter, now I am not so sure about this look, but I will show it to you anyways.
And the last photos are the rings that Cristina sent me. Love them!! So thank you Cristina


  1. Kimmy is so gorgeous on you! I didn't know Faye stains nails! I've never had that problem with Faye. And the rings are just lovely. :)

  2. I did, and my nails are now red. Thanx for the compliment Liz

  3. Great colour! I didn't purchase this one... but maybe I'll change my mind ;)
    You're welcome! I'm glad you like the rings, hope they're your size! If not.. oups! :P

  4. Ça rend cool avec le crackle !!


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