Friday, June 24, 2011

George - Superhero

And I decided to try another George polish. This one is a classic fire red cream.
I like the shade of red this is, but the application was a drag, I don't know why, maybe it's the brush, but I had lots of clean up to do afterwards, and I really don't do clean up usually.
I applied two coats and drying was super fast, and I had no shrinking. So that's a plus.
The price on these is like 1£ I think, and I got it from my friend Caroline from Caroline does nails!
On top I applied CND's Red Sparkle:

No flash

Natural light
Artificial light

Natural light


  1. I love the final look with the sparkles. So sexy manicure!

  2. The red is pretty begin with but the red sparkles really put it over the top :)

  3. And very much it is pleasant to me without a covering. Color smart! Simply vamp

  4. That looks really good! YAY for cheap brands that are better quality than expensive ones! :)

  5. Kiar ca e sexy ;) Imi place fff mult!


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