Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

And another award!! I got this baby from Cristina over at Opinionated little finger. So thanx a lot Cristina!!
The rules are :
1. Thank the person that awarded you
2. List 7 fun facts about you
3. Award 7 bloggers too.

The 7 fun facts I think I've already listed them in previous award posts but I'll try to find some more:
1. I love eating french fries with icecream
2. When I was a teenager I loved Backstreet Boys and had the biggest crush on Brian
3. When I was 4 I thought all people lived for only ten years, and that my parents were 7.
4. In my childhood I thought that everybody had to get married to a person that had the same name only for the opposite gender - like Alexander had to marry an Alexandra but my name has no such equivalent, so it was a bit weird.
5. I love rings and have a rather large collection.
6. I work from my appartement.
7. I am an engineer in HVAC.

And for the tag I am going to tag all my followers! So who wants to do this go ahead. 

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