Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pink Wednesday - OPI- Hoo doo voo doo

Hey everybody!!
I have had a hectic day, I am super pissed, because my tax declaration was lost, and I have to redo them, which is super ennoying because I have to go back to the tax centre and pick new ones up. I was planning on doing that today, but my boss kept me so busy that I just didn't have the time. He than gently let me know that tomorrow I was going on a business trip, and therefore don't have the time to do it tomorrow either. And also tomorrow I was supposed to go sign the papers for our new appartement, because my husband doesn't have the time. So now everything must be reported.
I am so freking mad!!*
I've had enough of this sucky job!!
So onto to the polish. Sorry about the photos, I took them with another camera, which obviously sucks....
This is a great polish, I had no chips after 3 days, and no tip wear either.
I did 2 coats and it was opaque. Application and formula were just perfect as for all other OPIs.

It's a kind of dark fuchsia cream so that's why I thought it would go well on pink wednesday.
Here are the sucky photos:


  1. I don't like it in the shade, but it turns into something completely different in the light! Very nice! :)

  2. I like this one too, it's sort of a classic, I guess.

  3. I love this color under the sunlight.
    Looks very nice on you.

  4. I'm not sure what a tax declaration is there, but it sure sounds frustrating!

    I tagged you with an award, hope it's okay to leave the link here:

  5. This color looks gorgeous on your skin tone .

  6. Oh I've been wanting this one and have been thinking about getting it. I think it looks very nice on you! Aw, and I hope your day gets better!


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