Monday, January 3, 2011

Zoya - Envy

I found this beauty on a blog sale - more precisely on Beautopia at a very nice price, I was very happy to find it on a blog sale because it's very hard to get Zoya here, and if I do it is very expensive - so thank you Karrie. I really like their bottles, very clean design, and they are actually pretty big, they always looked small on the website, don't know why.
It's a dark green, it is almost black, looks green only in bright light. Dries off nicely, and applies pretty smoothly, it's almost opaque in one coat. So I guess if you want it to look rather green than black you can put only one coat on.


  1. Arata foarte bine!

    La multi ani!

  2. Mersi mult! La multi ani si tie sper ca ai petrecut bine de rev si de craciun.

  3. Seamana cu "Here Today... Arragon Tomorrow!" de la Opi, dar Envy parca e un pic mai green...
    I like it very much.


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