Thursday, January 13, 2011

Essie - Playa del Platinum

As I had finished with my American Apparel, I went back to my Essies, and since I had to go to the construction site of my new project yesterday, I thought I'd do something mellow, so I wouldn't shock my new collaborators. That's how I picked this one. This is a cream very light beige, toward sandy white colour.
It's got a great formula just like all the other Essies, this is two coats and one coat of Revlon top coat.
Today I was at home, and did a little modification on my mani, added a top coat of CND's JAde Sparkle.
I also went by Printemps today because I received from the best father in law ever a gift card valid in their stores, and picked up my Christmas present - lot's of goodies - I will show you tomorrow.


  1. Culoarea este super. Imi place si combinatia celor 2 :)

  2. si mie mi-a placut cum a iesit. chiar nu ma asteptam sa arate asa bine


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