Friday, January 28, 2011

Cristina does nails - Zoya Gwin

My guest is back with something smashing - in my opinion.
Here is what she had to say

"This is my only orange polish, and because I like it so much I think I’ll get several more oranges :)

Indeed, this is a gorgeous warm orange, with beautiful gold shimmer. The result is absolutely fabulous.

I tried to show you in the pictures this great, great gold shimmer that makes it glow like no other!

The finish is a little matte, here I used 1 coat of Mavala MavaDry, and this makes it shiny as I would like it to be. But, I don’t mind, I’m using top coat anyway.

The formula is quite streaky, but an expert hand can tame it very easily, and will get full and even coverage within 2 coats.

I think it’s a very beautiful orange and I’m sure I’m going to wear this a lot, especially in the summer. This polish “screams” for the sun (the gold shimmer can be observed in its whole splendour only by daylight and especially in direct sunlight) and warm days… I decided to wear this today as I’d like these days to hear the “scream” of my polish and get their warm asses here sooner and faster..(humm…please!)! :)

Two coats and one top coat of Mava-dry"

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