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Cristina does nails - OPI Ire-swiss-ables miniset

Cristina had some time off work so she did this mega post for me. Enjoy!!
"Irre-swiss-ables is the mini pack Opi released with their 2010 fall colection « Swiss ».

I bought this in November for a full, big time prize (18,90 euros) from Monoprix.

It contains 3 small 3.75ml bottles nail polishes from the Swiss collection (Colour So Hot It Berns, Yodell Me On My Cell and Lucertainly Look Marvellous) and the Opi RapiDry Top Coat.

Now that I’ve tried every colour from the pack I can say that this was a good thing and I don’t regret the acquisition.

Here are the 3 nail polishes:

The first one is Colour So Hot It Berns:

Such beautiful bright orange-based red! It’s really creamy, applies like butter, and the drying time was a very unexpected and great surprise for me! This is a cream, yet it dries suuuper fast. Really! If it wasn’t for protecting the polish, you wouldn’t need instant drying top coat at all.

The formula is wonderful, perfectly opaque in two coats and very shiny. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with no top coat. Already tried it for a pedicure, in 1 coat, and the wear was perfect!

With Flash

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The next one is Yodell Me On My Cell:

This is a sheer blue with green and turquoise shimmer. Very sheer. I’ve done 1 coat on the pinkie, 2 coats on the ring, 3 coats on the middle and 4 coats on the index. OK coverage with 4 coats. No top coat. Here too I must emphasize on the drying time which is excellent. It is a beautiful colour, and although I love blues, this was my least favourite of the 3. A colleague of mine told me that this polish looks like a car’s body paint!!! LOL I think he’s right. Pretty, still.

Natural sunset light

With Flash

I saved my favourite for last. This is Lucertainly Look Marvellous!

Have I already said that this was my favourite? :D

What a beautiful polish! This is stone gray with silvery, lead-ish fine glitter. Excellent drying time, like its siblings, but this is actually expected from a glittery polish. The formula is kind of sheer, but the coulour builds up ok and you get full opacity with 3 coats.

Here I’ve done 1 coat on the pinkie, 2 coats on the ring, and 3 coats on the middle and index. No top coat.

Wouah, I can’t take my eyes off my hands!

I’m definitely going to buy this in a normal sized bottle.

Artificial light

Natural sunset light

Well, you’ll say I must have forgotten to talk about the last bottle from the pack… Not, actually. I thought about this a lot before writing it down… But I believe people should know. So, here it is:

As much as I love Opi, and as Ruxi said in a previous post, I’m a big fan of their polishes… But the RapiDry Top Coat was a total, I mean… total disappointment for me. I wondered WHY Opi would do this to us? Why would they put this … thing… in the same pack with such wonderful and high-quality nail polishes? I can’t answer this. The Top Coat, indeed, helps dry the polish very well at first, but what they don’t tell you, is that it dries itself too! And this in only a 2 weeks time! No more, no less. After 2 weeks it was impossible to use anymore… My advice would be to try to avoid this product, or at least, try not to buy it in full sized bottles (especially in Europe where it costs about 18 euros = 23.5 USD!).

But still, I think the nail polishes are really worth it and I totally recommend the Irre-swiss-ables and the whole Swiss collection; they’ve done amazing formulas and very beautiful colors."

So there you have it!!
Didn't quite see this coming about their rapid dry.

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