Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Essie - Sew Psyched

I got my order yesterday, actually a part of it, because I put in a preorder on some China Glaze crackles, and they will arrive at the end of January. So, I got 7 Essies and a Seche vite top coat. I used the first Essie yesterday, it kinda wincked at me, it's from the Fall 2010 collection, and I really liked it because it's green, and my favorite color is green. The Essie formula on this one is just wonderfull, you get a beautiful color in two coats, and dries off pretty quickly.
I also put in an order on, for 3 konad plates, which I received today, and in the package there was a surprise she also sent me 3 liners - free. I tried a design from the H1 plate with my Flormar 390 and absolutly loved it. It came out just perfect. By the way the plates where at a really good price, i think I payed like 3 euros for the small ones and 4 for the bigger one.
Here are the photos.
And as a bonus a picture of my cat sleeping in the sunlight.

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