Monday, January 17, 2011

Avon - Golden Twilight

So , hey!! Like I told you I have a sort of a dupe for Dior - Or Tsarine - here it is, there is a subtle difference between them, the Avon has also bronze shimmer in it, aside from the gold shimmer.
I actually think I like the Avon better. The brush on the Avon is just great, I think this is the only one to my taste excepting OPI. And also the Avon dries off super fast - I don't know if it's because of the shimmer or what but these two were amazing in terms of drying speed.
Here are the photos - 2 coats.

And here are the comparison photos to the left is the Dior and to the right is the Avon. As you cand see Avon is darker.


  1. This is cute :)
    But, to be honest, i c'ant see any difference from the Dior. Maybe if you put both polishes on the same hand, you know, one every other finger, and have them side by side for for a better comparison?

  2. Ultimele doua poze sunt cu ambele oje, pe aratator e dior si pe middle finger e avon. se vede diferenta


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