Thursday, January 27, 2011

China Glaze - Knotty

I was waiting for the new China glaze collection to come out, because it seemed like all the colors where just great. So I ordered seven of them on, and they are everything I hoped for. First up is Knotty I would describe it as a cream base with white shimmer. I found it to be whimsical.
In these photos I have two coats on - I thought it was enough - even though you can see the white of the nail a bit, that doesn't bother me with colors like this, since it is so light.
For a larger view click on the photos


  1. I still haven't gotten any from this collection, but I'm planning to. Not sure about Knotty with my skintone, though.

  2. I'm very white so it goes very well, I think. but why wouldn't this go with your skin tone? your skin looks pretty white too


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