Friday, January 21, 2011

Cristina does nails - OPI - Dulce de leche

Cristina did this post for me, I think it's a lovely combo so here it is.

"Opi Dulce de Leche is not a new kid in town; everybody knows this polish since forever. I don't know if it is part of a collection or it's just an Opi Classic.

Anyways, for this polish, the first word that crosses my mind when I think about it is: "work-appropriate". It’s true, I use it mostly during the work days, this is why I actually bought in the first place.

It's a very nice polish, yet I couldn’t say it’s a “WOW!” thing to me.

I’d describe the colour as a neutral nude-like pink, with a hint of yellow. I think the name describes it very well!

A little streaky on the first coat, but everything gets better with the 2nd one. And we can happily stop here, because it is opaque in 2 coats.

What I don’t like about this polish is the drying time… and would say it’s loooong. This is why I was so happy about the “opaque in 2 coats” stuff... I tried it on once without any top coat (I was “out of stock” :D ), and even after 2 hours, it was not completely dry… So, you can easily imagine the nightmare if 3 or 4 coats would be necessary! :D

Seche Vite is highly recommended here. Very good wear though.

This is 2 coats of Opi Dulce de Leche and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Today it's Friday, and I thought that I could get a little audacious just beacuse it's Friday :) and put on some glitter, even if I am going to work!

One coat of Nfu Oh 49 over the previous manicure + one coat of Seche Vite over all.

Here are the results:

I think it came out pretty nice! What do you think?"

I love it with the Nfu-oh over it, even by itself it is a great polish, a little demure, but still great.


  1. This is really, really pretty. I'll have to get these colors and try this. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jay


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