Saturday, January 8, 2011

Le premier invité - Cristina

Today I have a guest post it's one of my best friends, Cristina - we've been friends from high school and we still keep in touch after 13 years -with whom I share my passion for nail polish. She does not have a blog but has a lot of polishes and wants to share them with you guys.
First up is OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark, because as you will find out soon enough, Cristina has an obsession for OPIs.
I will just tell you what she told me about this polish - " It's a dark violet, looks black in the light, and only appears to be violet on the edges, the formula is great, I've worn it since Thursday night, and even went to volleyball wearing it, and it didn't chip at all". 2 coats and 1 top coat of seche vite.
So thank you Cristina for your contribution!!!
Bonus my new New Look slippers!! love them so cozy and soft, it's like walking on cushions.

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