Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cristina does nails - Zoya - Charla

This weekend we went to visit my in laws so I woun't really have the time to post. But luckily I received a review from Cristina. She got an order of polishes yesterday, and she loved one of them so much that she decided to do a review. Here it is:

"The « WOW » thing

In my last review of Opi’s Dulce de Leche I was saying about it that even though it was a nice polish, it wasn’t a “WOW” thing to me.

But now I’ve got it, I’ve found the “WOW” thing! And it’s got a name, of course! :D

So, beautiful people, meet Zoya Charla! Zoya Charla, meet Ruxi and her nice followers (your future adorers :D )

I have to say that I was completely charmed by this polish. I ordered it because I thought it was really nice in the bloggers’ review pictures. But now that I have it in (and on!) my hands... It’s... It’s love at first sight! The only less flattering thing about it is that it’s a little sheer. BUT, honestly, I think I’ll never wear this polish during day time. It’s so wonderful, and so incredibly sparkling, such precious colour! Can’t-get-my-eyes-off-my-nails kind of polish! But I’d only wear it for evening/night going outs, and by night, with artificial light and everything, you can’t really tell a totally opaque polish from a bit sheer one.

It has turquoise blue base with gold, turquoise and greenish tiny glitter, swimming gracefully inside it. I would too, you know, if were a little glitter inside this polish! ;)

Here are the pictures, sunlight (2 coats of Zoya Charla and 1 coat of Mavala MavaDry):"

If you are wondering this is her bunny. She has a bunny rabbit called Ghitu.
"I can only say one word: WOW!! :D "


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