Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Milani Red Sparkle and China Glaze Cracked concrete

So, my Cherry Culture order came in yesterday and I've got my first ever Milanis. I ordered the Milani one coat glitters and 2 Milani Holos. I tried on the Red Sparkle glitter and I adore it, love it, and I want to wear it forever. It looks like I smashed rubies and layered them on my nails. I don't know how else to describe it. And it totally coveres the nail in one coat. But like I always do I put on two. The application is easy and the brush glides on the nail a bit thicker than a normal nail polish but still very easily manageable. It dries off super fast even with two coats, and it has a gritty finish, but two layers of top coat makes it look smooth enough.
To finish I applied one coat of my China Glaze Cracked Concrete which also arrived yesterday. The crackle dries off to a matte finish, so I applied two more coats of top coat and came out with something that looks like the earth cracked and you can see the lava underneath.
These photos are of the Milani without top coat
With top coat

With Cracked Concrete and without top coat
With Crackeled Concrete and top coat

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