Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mavala Ginza

For a change from Kikos I have a beautiful Mavala for you today, it's a cream brown mauve base with superbe bronze shimmer.I love Mavala polishes, and their base coats and top coats, but the problem with their polishes is the bottle size, thus making the brush grip a little too small, but quality wise they are great, just like OPI.
This is two coats, but I thing I could have added another one for better opacity. Since yesterday's KIKO was a hit and you guys asked me how it was layered on top of other polishes, I layered it over this one and got a wonderful result. After that I decided to go even further and put on a matte finish, and so I obtained a suede look. Here are the results - click for larger views.


  1. I love the suede finish! Very nice.
    But why are you calling it GinzO? On the bottle is called GinzA. This is why I've never found anything when I looked for it over the Internet :)
    Ginza is actually the name of the greatest commercial street in Tokyo.

  2. That turned out wonderfully! I really like how it looks matted. What matte top coat do you use?

  3. It's from Essence, cheap and very good quality


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