Monday, February 21, 2011

Milani Purple Gleam and Crackle Glaze Lightning bolt

Sorry I've been mixing them up like this, but I've got so much new stuff, and am in such a rush to try them all, so this is why you are seeing one Milani one Yves Rocher, and bla bla.
Today it's another one of the one coat glitters that I really adore, these are the best glitters ever. They are not as flashy as a normal glitter, but so much prettier.
This is a purple and black small glitter, that dries off tp a gritty finish, and one coat is enough.
I put on a coat of top coat, and then thought I'd try my new Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt. And I got this amazing result - I went by the Kiko store to buy some nail polish for my swap with Carolina from Colores de Carol (whom I adore she is always so nice to me), and the sellers were raving about my mani - I felt so good!!
So here are the photos:


  1. Ohh, you are so sweet!
    Thank you for always been there on my blog leaving your comments.
    I love this Milani, and looks amazing under white crackle.

  2. Oh wow, I love that purple! The white looks really nice over it--it crackled really nicely, too. And I love the name!

  3. Thx Aurora, I love the large meshes in this crackle too

  4. Great combination! I still haven't tried the ChG crackles I got.

  5. I've been having so much fun with these.

  6. The Milani glitter is great - but I prefer it with a top coat.

    The crackle is really funny, looks like crackeled egg!!! :D LOL!!!

    Very, very nice!

  7. I love this mani! It's so cool! I have Milani Silver Dazzle and the glitters really are amazing and easy to apply.

    And yes, I caved and bought Chanel Black Pearl! Once I saw it in person it was hard to pass; its a little treat so no regrets :)

  8. Thank you Tasha!
    And Cristina the crackles are really fun

  9. Coucou toi !! Très belle teinte !! Apparemment tu n'es pas loin de chez moi :) Ca te dirait de venir à la prochaine rencontre Nail art ? Bises

  10. mdrr ta sphère m'a trompée! lol Puis je vois que tu es à Paris, n'importe quoi moi ! lool


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