Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milani - Cyberspace

Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend, I was away, visiting my in-laws, and didn't quite have the time to do any.
Today's polish is one of my favourites a beautiful blue holo, from the 3D collection.
I looooooooove holos!!!
They are opaque in two coats, and sooooooo easy to remove, easier than a cream I would say.
The wear wasn't great but it is definitely worth it.
This was 2 coats, and top coat. I couldn't quite catch the colour very accurately because I didn't have a sunny day but I think I did a good job considering.
And bonus my cat drying in the dish thing. I washed it afterwards of course.


  1. J ADORE J'ai une passion pour les holo !!!
    il me faut absolument les tronica :)

  2. Gorgeous! I adore holo's too!

    Did my package arrive yet? I've no idea how long it's meant to take to get to you x


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