Friday, February 11, 2011

Cristina does nails - Sinful colors - Shinning Heart

In today's episode of Cristina does nails, she discovers Sinful Colors and realises that they are pretty amazing.
This is her rave about Sinful:

"I'd really like to share with you people my very first SinfulColors nail polish: Shining Heart.
I'm absolutely in love with this brand. I got it from the Galeries Lafayette for 5,90 euros.
The colour is wonderful, it's pearly fuchsia reflecting blue. Just beautiful. I don't really like pearly shades, but this one is just stunning!
The formula is great, the application excellent (better than Opi), very good brush, excellent drying time, very good wear! Incredible. All this in one polish. And for half the Opi price.
Here are the pictures. Enjoy!"


  1. Such a pretty colour, it looks like it has a blue shimmer to it almost!

  2. Very pretty and it looks good on your nails =)

  3. Thanx, but these are not my nails, they are my friend Cristina's, she does guest posts for me.

  4. pass that to Cristina please: Cristina, I'm really sory for that misunderstanding, but I really like how it looks on your nails =).

    Ruxi a Paris, I sometimes only look at the picture, because there are a lot of blog post and so little time, I'm really sorry. But it was also stupid from me, because I was really thinking that your nails wasn't shaped like that when I commamted on a sheer Kiko polish =).

  5. That's ok, I'm sure she doesn't mind, since it was a compliment. don't worry

  6. Hiii,
    behind this identity (which of course, has it's own history), it's me, Cristina.
    Thank you so much for your compliments, colourfulbootle and badlydrawngirl, it's really, really nice of you and I appreciate it! ;)


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