Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cristina does nail - Sinful Colors - Mint apple

Hello everybody,
Today there will be no nail from me, because me and my husband are away on a small weekend getaway, in the Normand country side, by the sea.
But I've got a new post from Cristina, who continues her research in the Sinful Colors area.

Heart only opened my apetite, and Mint Apple convinced me that Sinful is an excellent brand.
This is my second Sinful, odered overd the Internet this time.
This is a very unusual colour, with lots of white shimmer in it, not something to wear at the office anywway - which I actually... did... today...:) and my nails did not miss some funny comments :)
The formula is just as great as with the first one, perfect everything: application, brush, drying time, wear. Only this one is a bit sheer. In the pictures I am wearing 2 coats, but I think 3 coats would hide better the nail line.
I also did a comparison, with Mavala Lagoon and Elf Mint
Certainly not dupes. I am wearing 2 coats of each to avoid any discrimination :P, no top coat. I've got Mint Apple on my index, Lagoon on my middle finger, and Mint on my ring finger.

Sinful is my favourite from all points of view ;)"


  1. This is probably my second favorite Sinful Color color of all time! (Boogie Nights is my number one!) I think this is a fun classy unique shade, looks great!!!

  2. I like it too. I've ordered it on cherryculture. Still waiting for it.


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