Thursday, February 3, 2011

Konad sur Life preserver

I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday and the day before that, I just haven't had any time. I had to go on the construction site. I starved yesterday over there, and arrived at home at 10 o'clock in the evening. So I wonder how I didn't collapse somewhere in between, having eaten only breakfast.
Anyways, today I have some pictures of my konading experience over Life preserver, with Bundle Monster plates. I love these - 21 plates for 21 $ including shipping.
This was made with BM 14.
The polishes I used for the stamps are Essie Samsel in a Dress


  1. This color is so beautiful. Love the roses.

  2. I love this mani! J'aime ce decó!
    Valentine's Day is near...

  3. cute!!! I really like this color, actually this whole collection :) Good job stamping they look great!

  4. I just tag you for a beautiful blog award. Check out my blog


  5. @Carolina thank you so much
    @Angeles thanx for the compliment and thank you so much for the award
    @Melanie yeah most of it is just great


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