Friday, February 4, 2011

China Glaze - Sea Spray

Another gray from the Anchors Away is Sea Spray, this is a bit darker than Pelican Gray, and I also liked it better, but I have decided that my favorites are Life Preserver and Ahoy!.
So this is a cream gray with subtle white shimmer, only noticeable in the sunlight. I was lucky to have a sunny day and be able to take a few more relevant photos of this polish.
I took like a million photos and still don't feel that they show the real color of this polish, but these will have to do. In the last two pictures I did a top coat of White Cap, and noticed that White Cap looked a lot like Jade Sparkle Effect from CND and decided to do a comp. Click for larger view - please.

Although this picture below is not color accurate, you can clearly see the shimmer.
On the picture below is the comp between White cap and Jade Sparkle, JS is on the middle finger. As you can see, layered on top of another nail polish I see no difference, but in the bottle there is a difference - White Cap is a bit whiter, as opposed to JS which is more transparent - it being conceived in the purpose of layering. I will take a picture of the bottles next to each other and post it along with my White Cap review.


  1. this is the color I wanted most from this collection, it looks great on you!!! It is so simple and gorgeous and chic, I love it. Plus I have yarn this color that was my favorite color from that brand of yarn and it too was called sea spray. I am hoping to pick this up tomorrow :D


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