Friday, September 16, 2011

Revlon - Cherries in the snow

This is another great polish I got in my swap with Carolina . It's a red cream with a bit of a blue reflexion, you can't see that in my pictures, but I assure you it is there.

This was an easy two coats, the formula was perfect on this. I don't know if they've changed the brush, or it is so only on the minis but the the one on this bottle was great!!
I don't usually buy Revlon polishes because here they are super expensive 12€ each. So the Revlons that I have are from swaps with Carolina.

Anyway this is really an awesome polish, and I definitely recommend buying it.

I wanted to make a glitter sandwich, that is you start with a jelly, then apply a coat of glitter, and finish off with the jelly.
So I applied a coat of Essence Blair and to top it off  OPI Guy meets gal-veston. The result was not so good:


  1. I LOVE the sammi! I didn't realize that's what it was until I read the post though. :)

  2. Not so good??
    It's perfect!!!
    I love it Ruxi!!

  3. I think the glitter looks great! It goes perfectly with the base.

  4. Carolina - thanx!!
    Tera - I loke the nail polish by itself but the glitter meah
    Amy - thanx I guess it looks better than I thought
    Veronica- thank you!!
    Laura - I know but I thought it would look more like the glitter was sunck in the polish.

  5. I heard Cherries in the Snow is one of Revlon's classic polishes and that this color was first released over 50 years ago! Pretty cool huh?
    I like the sandwich :)

  6. Tasha-really?? I did not know that. It is a really pretty one !


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