Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color Club - Secret Rendez-vous

Sorry about missing pink Wednesday, but I've been really busy at work. And in the evenings we've been going to our appartement to get stuff in.

Today's polish is a soft lilac cream. This was two coats, perfect application and formula. I had a bit too much of shirnking with the Seche, and some tip wear within two days, but otherwise I am pretty happy with this polish.

So here are the photos, sorry I don't have much time, so it's a bit of a hurried up post


  1. Beautiful color. It looks so good on you.

  2. Foarte draguta culoarea. Discreta :)

  3. TAya - thanx I do not like this kind of colors much, but they are useful for work.
    Alexa - Mersi e ok, da nu e una dintre preferatele mele.

  4. lovely color :-D
    too bad this kind of shades don't mach my skin color :-(

  5. such a pretty purple. Looks nice on you(:

  6. I love this color, but it took 4 coats for me to get it to look nice!

  7. Hey, I nominated you for two awards on my blog ^^ Check it out here:

  8. Thanx for the Award Opalline Star!!
    imfeelingnail-venturous - thanx so much!
    Madeline-I relly did not have any problem getting it opaque.
    Carolina thanx sweetie!!
    Kelly- I don't like colors like this much, but I need them for work.
    nail crazy- you're not missing out on much in my opinion


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