Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flormar 004+Kleancolor Aurora

This Flormar was the biggest dissapointement ever. The polish was very liquid and had no trace of the blue shimmer I saw in the bottle. I don't know if it's noticable on the photos.

It was very hard to get opaque, this is three coats and still has some VNL, and when I finally applied my top coat I experienced the worst shrinkage ever!!
So overall this polish sucks !! Don't buy it!!

On top I added a coat of Kleancolors Aurorawhich is the cuttest combination of small duochromed glitter, with bigger hex duochromed glitter, and little pink stars in it. The glitter color varies from pink to green, and the base is transparent. As all the other polishes from this brand it smells really badly.

This was two coats of this glitter, and I had to arrange the stars this way, so I can get an even number on each of my nails. And this one too is very thick.

Bonus the new hot spot for Mumu


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the crappy polish, but you pulled it around with the Kleancolor. I love that polish too!

  2. Unfortunately we don't have Flormar here, sorry this one was disappointing, but you choose a perfectly matching top coat, I love the final result!

  3. Now I know it's bad, but your mani looks good nevertheless. :)

  4. Thanx everyone!! I know the final look is ok, but this polish is a pain.

  5. I *think* I can see hints of blue in the white. Shaped glitters can be so difficult but I like the effect. (And hello to Mumu!)

  6. Well thanx for trying to see the blue Karen.

  7. maybe the polish was disappointing, but the final looks is great :-D
    sending my love to Mumu :-)

  8. Final look is so cute and Mumu is so funny from up there.


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