Monday, September 5, 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection - Kink and Faux Pas Swatches

I got some surprising nail mail on Friday. I opened the door and saw the mail man, and then he handed me a black package and in it there were two polishes from the new Illamasqua collection. Haley their PR was kind enough to send me these two to try out.

First I want to tell you that these are the polishes I would have bought myself from this collection.

Ok so first of all the polishes came with a nice sealed enveloppe. Love their symbol!!

The polishes are wrapped separately in individual boxes:

The caps are rubbery just like the finish of the polish, but the rest is just the same:

And now on to the polishes them selves:
Kink is a dark green matte polish. This look took two coats. I love the finish, at first when they released the images for add I thought they were normal mattes, but they actually look different from normal mattes. The finish on these really looks rather rubbery. 

Another thing I noticed is that when you apply hand cream on your hands the finish does not become shinny like on the other mattes.

And because you don't apply top coat on these, you can expect to get more tip wear than on shinny finish polishes. 

Faux Pas is a matte purple. The finish is exactely the same as the previous and the caracteristics of the polish too.
The application is easy, and the formula is great, the brush glides on smoothly, and both polishes are almost one coaters.

Here are the photos - clisk to enlarge. 

Natural light

Artificial light

And a small comparison with Misa sorry just can't help it and Zoya Mira. 
Comparison with glossy polishes
Comparison with glossy polishes
Comparison with glossy polishes with matte top coat
These last photos of comparison are after a two day wear and as you can see, these Illamasquas get a bit glossier with time. But I still love them. Due to the very original finish I think of these as must haves for a laquerhead.
What do you think?
Are you going to purchase any of these?


  1. It'r really an interesting finish, I love these two colors, too!

  2. Wow I love the finish on these polishes. And the wax seal... such detail to go with the waxy finish theme!

  3. I am loving the finish. It is different than matte and not super shiny. Love the colors too!

  4. love the colors, both of them looking great :-D

  5. I very much like this effect of a liquid skin on yours nails

  6. I love the little details Illamasqua thinks of. The rubber caps on the bottles, the freaking wax seal on the envelope! Not to mention, those polishes look so awesome!

  7. Noir - Yeah I know I was impressed too.

  8. Faux Pas looks gorgeous, I am not into greens.


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