Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to do Konad Stamping

I have gotten quite a lot of questions on this. So I decided to do a post about it, that will go into my FAQ page.
What you need for Konad stamping is:

  • nail polish that works for stamping. You can buy special Konad polish, or you can use some of the regular polishes you already have, here is a list of those that work for stamping. If you do not own any of the polishes on the list, know that almost any metallic polish works well. This is the polish I used.

  • stamp and scraper - I have the Konad ones, and I think it is better to buy original ones for these, because I have heard that the fakes have a soft rubber and the design does not stamp well because of that
  • acetone and some cotton discs

  • cue tips - I have these special cue tips for make up retouching, these work very well for nails also.

  • The design plates - The ones in the image below are from Bundle Monster, these are very good value, 25 plates for 22$, as opposed to the Konad ones that cost 7$ each. 

So what you do is soke the cotton disc in acetone and put it on some tissue, just not directly on your table. This works better on a base coat, don't apply directly on the naked nail because you risk staining and also that the design will not stay on. 

You then apply the nail polish on to the chosen design like so:

 Using the scraper take off the excess nail polish and wipe it on the cotton disc.

Then take your stamp and stick it on the design so you can grab the nail polish like so:

As you can see the design is now on the stamp. The next step is to carefully press the stamp on your nail. Starting from applying the polish to the design all these movements must be relatively quick so the nail polish does not dry in between moves.

After applying the design to the nail it should look like this:

Don't worry about the nail polish on the side of the nail, that will be taken care of later, with the cue tip. 
After you've done all your fingers you can now dip the cue tip in acetone and remove all the nail polish on your skin. 

After clean up wait a while before applying your top coat, because other wise you risk dragging the design and messing it up. 

This is how it looks after clean up and before top coat:

And know let me show you what I came up with :

I used my dotting tool for the blue spots. 


  1. i know about this ;-)
    but it's great tutorial :-D

  2. I know you do, but I still get questions about this

  3. I need this Konad stamper ASAP. I have problems with designs for hole nail. I have Konad stamping polishes, few Konad and many BM plates, but my stamper is from Essence and I think problem is in stamper. I dont know what else can be a problem.

  4. I've never had any problems with this stamp. It works very well. BM plates work well too. So I guess it must be your stamper.

  5. J'attends mes plaques BM et mon stamping kit Konad avec impatience !

    1. J'aime bien ces plaques. Et le kit est vraiment super. Bonne chance dans tes aventures stamping!


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