Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essie - Da Bush

I am still going through my Essie Resort collection, and it was Da bush's turn.
This one is a cream greenish shade of beige.

I like it but this kind of colors are not really my cup of tea. This is two coats and as you can see I think it's opaque. The formula and application was a dream, just like on all the others, and I am even pretty happy with the mini brush.

 I found it pretty familiar again so I reached for my  OPI Touring America collection and found that it was pretty similar to Suzi takes the wheel, and than I searched in my untrieds stash and found a Misa from the new collection Hip to my Jive - Got it made in the shade that is pretty similar too.

After applying the polish I saw that the OPI was not that similar, but the Misa is definetly a dupe!! So if you have Da Bush don't buy Misa Got it made in the Shade.

Sorry about the horendous cuticles, I haven't had time to take care of them.


  1. Bahahhahaha, the name cracks me up. Anyway, the polish is gorgeous I think! Very unique:)

  2. Not really a polish I would gravitate to in the store, but it does look great on your nails!

  3. I am not a fan of these types of colours, but it was in the set so I got them all.
    Kelly thanx


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