Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kiko stuff

Sorry about the abscence but I've been really busy. We have started buying stuff for our new appartement and taking it there, so we are going to be renovating soon, and my posts will be scarce for a few weeks.

This is not even a polish post, because I have not had the time to do my nails. I did however go by the Kiko store because they have put out a limited edition line - Chic Chalet, and I had to have one of their palettes I saw on this blog
So along with this four eye shadow palette I bought a few nail polishes, and an eyeliner. Now all their normal line is at 2,5€ all the time, and the limited edition ones are at 4,90€.

Je suis passée par la boutique Kiko et j'ai vu qu'ils avaient une nouvelle collection - Chic Chalet , j'ai donc acheté une palette de fards à paupières - Unexpected Rosy Taupe qui coûte 12,9€. Pour l'information de tout le monde, les vernis à ongles de la gamme normale, sont tous à 2,5€, et je pense que le prix va rester comme ça. Dans la nouvelle collection il y à aussi 6 nouveaux vernis à ongles, qui coûtent 4,9€ chacun. Je n'ai pas été très tentée par ceux-ci j'en ai pris qu'un seul, le noir nacré. 

The new collection also has 6 new nail polishes, I did not like them that much so I only bought one which I will be showing you soon. The caps on these are golden, a detail that I do not like either. The palette I bought is called Unexpected Rosy Taupe, and I really like it. This retails for 12,9€.

I also bought an eye liner for 6,9€.

What I like about this brand is that it is affordable, and still better quality than L'Oreal, but cheapper.All their products come in boxes, just like the most expensive brands, except for the nail polishes.

So here are now the photos.

The products in their boxes 

These swatches are not quite appropriate of the colors, but it is the closest I could get. Sorry about the scratches on my hand it's Mumu's fault

I like the texture of the eye shadows and I definitely think this is worth buying. The swatches are done on my bare hand.

And so I don't leave you high and dry, here are some photos of China Glaze Pool Party covered in Kleancolor Chunky Holo Scarlett, back when I still had long nails.


  1. You will be busy with new apartment and moving stuff...Take your time and be back soon. So you bought the black "frozen" polish?
    I saw this new line in store but haven't been tempted by polishes (moreover I can't understand why they cost more that core line).

  2. We are not moving in right now. In a few weeks. I bought one nail polish from the frozen line, but I was not that impressed with the colors.


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