Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Essie - Bobbing for baubles

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posts. I am still renovating my apartement, and I have guests over helping me, and I've got tons of work too, so that all leaves very little time to blog. BUT, yesterday I got a very interesting package from nailssuplies that is the Essie Winter Collection - Cocktail Bling. And so I have for you today the first one I wanted to try - Bobbing for Baubles.

This polish is a deep dark blue cream, it's a very commun color I guess, but I happend to not own anything like it in my collection and although it does not suit me that much, I love it!!

Call me Essie addict or whatever you want but this brand is rapidly becoming my favourite. I said I could not pick favourites but I am leaning toward it.

This polish has a thicker formula so you can have an opaque look with one single coat!! It is not that easy to apply, but I think it is worth it. As for the rest you all know my opinion of these polishes.

Sorry about my cuticules but I have been washing lots of stuff lately.

So here are the photos and stay tunned for the rest of the collection:


  1. It is fine! Now I do not regret that too has bought

  2. this color is gorgeous. Nice swatches:)

  3. Kelly -thanx I thought the swatches were a bit horrific, but I really have no time.
    Antallex - thanx so much honey!!
    My nail polish online- thank you!!

  4. A beautiful shade of blue.
    Nice swatches!

  5. This polish is STUNNING! =)

  6. Only one thing to say - gorgeous.


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