Friday, June 1, 2012

Sephora by OPI Perfect Pair

I did buy some polish in NY, but not a lot, because I buy my Essies for 4.5$, and in stores there it costs 8$, and I also payed 10$ for a bottle of Seche Vite, for which I normally pay online 4.25$. But I do pay expensive delivery. (20$ for 9 bottles of polish, but it comes out to a good price per bottle)

Here is my little NY haul:

You can see the names on the box

Zoya - Maya, Zoya - Mitzi, OPI-Number one Nemesis, Essie- California Coral
I know I bought 3 corals, but I really like coral. On the nail they actually look pretty different, I will do a comparison later on. Thanx to Amy who told me where I could find Zoya!

Today I will also show you my swatches of the Sephora by OPI duo. The first one is a coral cream, that turned out pretty electric, even my camera had a neon reaction to it, it made my skin look very bronzed.

And the second one is a clear base with gold shimmer. I think it was supposed to be layered on top of the coral but I did my version of the duo. I did my first gradient manicure, I bought sponges in the states because here those little white make up sponges are ridiculously expensive, and I found a whole bag of them there for 3$, and in Sephora they were giving them for free.

Hope you like it!


  1. I love this coral shade, the tips looks so pretty!

  2. nice pickups! that layering combo is so pretty :D

  3. Love that gradient! Glad you tracked down a few Zoyas :)


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