Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Prisms

Another polish I bought from Danielle's blog sale, and I don't know what name this has. Maybe she will help me this time with the name too.

It's a pink holo polish, it's not linear holo, but it's holo enough. I applied two coats of this to obtain opacity.
I loved the way it looked in the sunlight but unfortunately the weather has been totally crap the last month.

Here are the photos: What do you think?
*UPDATE: Danielle says it's Ruby Diamond



  1. This is very pretty, I got the purple and I love it!

  2. lovely color, and definitely a holographic :-D

  3. I like it! I bought two Prisms back in 2005-6 (first holos I ever tried - unfortunaly I don't own them anymore) they were similar to this one (a strawberry pink, Coral Amber, and a violet Pink Rose Diamond), but not the same so I can't help you with names, sorry :-(

  4. Hey, thanks for linking me :) I'm pretty sure this one is Sally Hansen Nail Prism Ruby Diamond


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