Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some Rimmel spam

Some friends of mine came over last week, and they came baring gifts - some Rimmel polishes from back home. I am really enjoying each and every one of them. They are really pretty!

First of all I've noticed that they are all opaque in two coats, and that they don't chip, but I did notice a fair amount of tip wear. They dry pretty quickly and the brush is good too.

Now let's get on to the colors.
Hot shot is the first one I tried, it's an almost neon pink cream. It applies like a cream but it looks a lot like a neon. I loved this color, and it was the first one I chose to try because I liked it the most.

The second color soon became my new favourite. Wine not is a beautiful wine red cream.

And once I thought I was done, I tried Misty Jade and it became my favourite. It's a pretty almost neon green, but it finishes as a cream. I seriously love all three of these and thank my friends for getting these for me. Thank you Mirela & Ange!!

I have two more of these to try out and can't wait.


  1. Did you have trouble with application? I found this I <3 collection awful in terms of formula and application, but I don't have any of these three you showed. Wine not looks gorgeous. Just my sort of red.

    1. On the first coat they are a bit difficult, but it all becomes ok on the second coat.

    2. Great. Thank you for responding.

  2. They all look very beautiful on you! I now need to keep a look out for Misty Jade!

  3. Replies
    1. I know so cool on the nail, in the bottle it looked like your average green mint color

  4. nice colors, Misty Jade is my favorite too :-D


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