Friday, June 8, 2012

China Glaze Ray-diant and another gradient!!

Hahaha, I have driven you insane with all the gradients by now right???
Let's start with the base color. It is part of the China Glaze Prismatic collection and it is a let's say yellowish silver small glitter, packed with a lot of larger and multicolored glitter.

The formula was perfect in my opinion, and the application as good as it can be with that thin brush they have.
It was a bit on the sheer side, with only two coats but three did the trick, and it dried in the same amount of time as two coats.

It doesn't look too duochromy to me, so I must not have tried hard enough. I have another polish from this collection so I will try and see the duochrome in that one latter.
I did the gradient using China Glaze Ruby Pumps.


  1. Stunning gradient! I haven't tried one yet. I picked up Ray-diant a couple of weeks ago and wore it the other day :)

  2. This gradient looks really amazing!


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