Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flormar 227 + Konad

I haven't done any Konad stamping in a while, so I decided to wip out my Bundle Monster plates and chose a model. I wore this Flormar to work on monday, and I thought it was really too boring to wear on it's own.

It's a jelly nail polish, with a white almost invisible shimmer in it. I had to apply 3 coats to get it looking this way and it still has VNL, but some of you like it this way.

On top I applied a design from my BM 204 plate, with a blue Konad polish.
It kinda streaked when I put on top coat and that shows in the photos. And my cuticules are still dry as sand, don't know why, I am moisturising every day like crazy.

*****Oh and don't forget about the contest - you still have a few more days untill it's over. 


  1. nice color combo, looks so gentle :-D
    i understand your pain when it comes to cuticles...


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