Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OPI - Number one Nemesis

Today I have for you a polish from the Spiderman collection from OPI. I don't really like all the other polishes, I didn't even like this one that much, but I was in NY, and saw it and thought it might be a bit unique but it's not. The other polishes in this collection were a bit "been there done that" - I mean how many Chanel Peridot dupes do we have to have?

Anyways this is a very sheer polish, so it needed three coats, and even then I still felt like it was a bit see through. This is a dark grey-green jelly base packed with gold shimmer I think.

The application was a bit rough too, I don't know why.
I also added an accent nail in OPI- Save me!


  1. I like how the accent nail looks!

  2. Je m'empêche de l'acheter celui-ci, je me dis que j'ai déjà le Graphite de Chanel !

    1. Yap I think they are very similar, I don't own that one so I got this.


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