Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our trip to New York

Hey you are probably wondering why I haven't posted. Well it's because we took a trip to New York, and it was excellent! I was really excited about it, because I had never been outside Europe, and come on who wouldn't be? We see this city in every movie, every series, so I was curious to see if it's really like in the movies, and guess what? It is!!

I met with the lovely Amy from Gotham Polish also, and her boyfriend, we went out to a lovely restaurant and had a blast, hope I see you again Amy!

We visited every site possible, like any normal tourist would do, took a huge amount of photos, had lots of good food, and went out to loads of pubs and bars.

We saw some museums too, and whole lot of amazing paintings!

So here are some highlight photos:
view from our hotel

The trucs they have in the states that we found very fun!

View from the top of the Rockerfeller's tallest building

the fire escape ladders (just like in the movies!)

The pier

one of the building thy are building around the WTC memorial

Brooklyn Bridge
What will be the tallest building in NEw York once it's finished

View of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry

The 9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

View from our hotel

Grand Central Station

Museum of natural history

Mini cupcakes - Excellent!!
You know what this is!!

Fleet week brought in ships from all over the world, and of all types

Another fun truc!

I think this is Renoir

Guggenheim Museum

The Chelsea Market

The Highline - Thanx Amy and Greg!

And the view from the top of the Empire State Building


  1. Looks like a super fun trip! I hope you were able to get some nail polish as a souvenir. Strange fact: you've seen more of NYC than I have--as much as I travel, I've only ever spent one day there. :)

  2. Yeah it was super fun! I got some nail polish too evidently but not a lot, because I have a box full of untrieds at home.

  3. Hooray! So happy we got to hang out! I'm glad to see some of the truck pictures :) The ship looks so awesome, that was really a cool thing to see. Thank you again for the wonderful macaroons, they are making me want to visit Paris even more some day!

  4. You should come visit. People who don't live here, say it's nice!hahah

  5. Look like a wonderful trip! I love NY! :)

  6. What a marvellous trip! I still have to visit NY (and will go there, sooner or later) even if I think I'll have many "deja-vu" once I'm there, as you're right, we saw the city in so many movies or series.
    I love the fire escape ladders, I think they are somehow romantic :-)


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