Friday, June 22, 2012

Layla Ceramic Effect n°11

This was a gift from my friend Dora in Italy for my birthday. I can't get Layla here, so I asked her if she could get some for me, and she kindly did. So thank you so much Dora!!

This is a violet grey with copper shimmer inside. I'm afraid the copper shimmer is visible only in the sunlight, and as you know we've been very low on sunshine over here lately.

Application was flawless, the bottle is the same size as Kikos - 10 ml, they are sold for 7€ in Italy. The cap is heavy, and the brush is flat, a bit like the OPI, so for me these are pluses, I love when the cap is heavy makes the application easier.

Overall I love this brand and I think it easily compares to the big brands outhere. Sorry about the messy cuticules, still having some problems with those.

Don't forget about the contest. You still have until end of june to submit you gradient mani photos.

I applied two coats. What do you think do you own any Layla?


  1. lovely color, love this type of shades, it reminds me of essie's merino cool :-D

  2. What a pretty polish. And it goes well with your skin tone.


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