Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ciaté Caviar mini bar review

Hello everyone!!
Sorry for my abcence I was on a small vacation in Barcelona, had to get some sun, since in Paris we haven't seen it for like two months. Had good times, with good friends, and good food. It was lovely!

So I bought this caviar mini bar in Sephora like a month ago but it took me a while to get this review done, cause I had other priorities on the blog list.

This is 22€ in Sephora, and you get 4 polishes and 4 bottles of those little pearls and a funnel I guess to put your pearls back in the bottle once you are done with them.Here is what the box looks like from the outside. I like it I am a sucker for nice packaging.

This is what it contains: 4 nail polishes - from left to right: - Knickerbockerglory, Pom Pom, fit for a queen and Sand Dune and underneath 4 pearl bottles - from left to right - Prom Queen, Jubilee, Hologram, Candyshop.

Aren't the bottles cute with the little bows?? I love them so much. The other two polishes I haven't tried yet, but I will.

How does it work ??? Well you apply your base, then a coat of polish, and the second one, and you can't let this last one dry - at this moment you pour the pearls directly from the bottle onto your nail, and you will see them stick to it. If you have patches that are still empty, just take some pearls on your finger and press them on your nail yourself. After this you press gently all the pearls on the nail, and wrap your tips in top coat. Just the tips because if you wrap everything, it look kind of nasty.

It is not a long lasting mani, mine did not even make it through one day. The beads fall off if they rubb against something. And it is a bit weird and uncomfortable. But it is fun.

For removal just use a cotton pad, and soack you nail for a bit, and then wipe off the nailpolish with the beads. It is a bit messy so do it over something.

Here are the photos:
This is Knickerbockerglory ( What a name!!)
 This one is a Coral creme - application is great and it only took two coats to get it opaque.
This is Pom Pom
 This one is more of an orange coral, but the formula is the same as on the previous one.
I tried them without the beads and it is very longlasting. Love these!

And this is Pom Pom with Jubilee.
I found it looked better in real life than in these pictures, can't really say why.
I kinda like the look, but I think that it is not worth the effort, because it doesn't last for long. Hope you enjoy!


  1. This looks really cool, I like the effect

  2. I love this, looks really pretty!

  3. I also found that the beads look better IRL than in pictures. I still prefer this fluffy texture thing that Ciate has to the beads but I have to admit the set looks like a lot of fun :)

    1. Haven't tried that yet, but if I see a set in my local Sephora I will try it.


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