Thursday, March 28, 2013

Born Pretty Store articles review

I am back with a review of two articles from Born Pretty Store. I got contacted by them to review some of their products and I accepted right away. It is a big online store that has a rather large nailart section.

I got sent two products:
- water decal stickers (click for the link)
- decorative studs (click for the link)

I am going to start with the water decals. There are 12 in the pack, so I guess 2 back-ups in case you screw one up on each hand, and the designs are varied. As you can see from the link the price is 2$, so very cheap.

Now onto the review - I either did not know how to use these, either these are not of a great quality. And why?? I will tell you:
On the pack it is written to dip them in water, remove the protective sheet, apply to the nail phile de excess and then apply top coat. I was not able to phile the excess before applying topcoat. And once I applied the topcoat, the water decal would shrink and sometimes even disolve.

These are the ones I chose:

I must say this was the first time applying water decals for me, so I really don't know if it was my fault, or not, but all in all this is how they turned out :
The spot on my ring finger is where the topcoat disolved the water decal. Sorry for the poor appearance of this mani, but I did my best.

The decorative studs

These come in a small wheel, and in different shapes - 12 shapes to be exact. The wheel is 5$ and has lots of studs inside.

 I really loved these!! It is really easy to use them and you got lots of options for a creative mani.

This is the mani I did using one of the shapes in this wheel:

Shipping is free worldwide and they told me it would take up to 5 weeks, but I got the products pretty fast, like 10 days.

So all in all I would not order the water decals again, but the studs have conquered me, and the free shipping is a clear plus.

They gave me a 10% off reduction code for my readers - for 10% off of Born pretty store use this code  DAJ61 at check out.

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