Friday, April 12, 2013

Dior Gris Trianon accent manicure

Hello everyone!
I so forgot to review this one, when I bought it. And I am very sorry for that. But I can still review it now. It was part of Dior Spring Cherie bow collection along with two other pinks that I didn't really love.

This one is a very nice taupy nude, very wearable, but still with an edge to it. It is a cream finish, and for full opacity you need two coats. The formula is great, just like all Diors, it glides on the nail easily, and they last a very long time on the nail with no wear. I am a Dior fan as you all know.

I did an accent nail with Milani's one coat glitter in Silver Dazzle, I love the combo!
I also did a comparison with Essie Chinchilly on the nail, and some other colors in the bottle.

This is the Dior by itself:

The accent nail mani :

This is the bottle comparison:
 The comparison on the nail with Essie Chinchilly is underneath. As you can see in the bottle they look pretty much alike, and on the nail too, but they are not dupes. The Essie is a bit cooler and lighter.


  1. lovely polish, love these tones :D

  2. Honestly, I like the Essie polish more. And I'm not talking just about the shade (that's subjective) - Essie shines better and seems to apply more beautifully, or maybe it was just a fresh application?

    1. It shines better because I had just applied it, but of course every one has their preferences. I like Essie, and have a big collection, and they are good quality polishes, but not as good as Dior. Unfortunately Dior is very expensive.


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