Sunday, March 17, 2013

Clarins - Instant light Natural Lip Perfector

I don't know if you all know this product, but it is well known in the blogosphere. I for one am not a fan of lipglosses, but I love this one. It is the lipgloss for lipgloss haters.
I much prefer lipsticks, or lipbutters, or the crayons, any hard stick shape really. These are currently the only lip glosses I own. Why?? I am going to tell you why.

I got a sample with a magazine one day, and I really loved it, because it is in no way sticky, it is really creamy, like a lip balm, and smells amazing, like vanilla, and even tastes like it. The applicator is fixed on the top of the tube, so no ennoying wand ( I hate wands on lip glosses) and it is a sponge applicator - you squeeze the tube and the product comes out.

In the beginning there were only 3 shades, all very sheer, and I got the pinkish one number 01, after having finished my sample. I almost finished this one.
Now they have come up with 3 more shades, a bit more pigmented, but nothing that stears too much away from the basic line. I got the number 06 which is a brownish color, but no worries on the lips it looks clear.

The price is not that elevated for a high end product. The tube costs here in France 16,5€ at Sephora, and it's got 12ml. I don't find them extremely expensive. I also got mine in the duty free at the airport, where it retailed for 13€. 

So here is the tube - I love the design too, with the gold cap. As you can see the pink one is almost done.

So I think it is pretty obvious, that the pinkish color is number 01, and the brownish one is number 06. As you can see the brown one is a bit more pigmented, but it does not show up on my lips, which I like, it is exactely what I need when I am wearing a strong eye make up.


  1. I have seen this talked about in "favourite" posts, but didn't realize it was that type of applicator~ anyway, the browny one looks quite nice.

  2. I do like lipglosses, but this one is more of a lip butter or chapstick for me. I use it to moisturize. I love the smell of it, not too much, but heavenly :)

    1. I guess that it is, but since I do not ever use lipgloss, to me this is like lipgloss :))))


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