Friday, March 22, 2013

KIKO Sugar Mat n°639

Hey guys!!
Today I have another Sugar Mat nailpolish to show you, from Kiko, and it is in n°639. It is a peachy orange, with golden shimmer.

Like all the other nailpolishes from this collection, it dries to that gritty finish, that is so in fashion right now.  It took two coats to get opaque, and it dries pretty quickly.

It is also pretty easy to remove, it's nothing like a glitter, it is more like a shimmer polish, removal wise. So don't be afraid, these are nowhere that painfull to remove as a glitter polish, you will not need to use the aluminium foil method.

I do apply a base coat with these, but no topcoat.

Here are the photos. I have been getting some questions on these, on how they compare to the Liquid Sand from OPI, or pixie dust from Zoya, but I really don't know since I own none of those. But from what I can see, the Kiko seem more opaque.


  1. This is very pretty. I'm sad I didn't get this one.

    1. Thankx. I like it too, I think I got too many orangy colors.

  2. This one is gorgeous too. I'm glad to hear, that they're not hard to remove. :D

  3. I didn't even realize Kiko was doing "sand" finish. Interesting.

  4. oh, love these sugar mat polishes *.*
    even this orange doesn't look bad ;)


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