Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KIKO Sugar Mat - n°641

Well,well I'm on a roll, can't stop posting.
Today another gem from the sugar mat collection. This one is a more orange toned pink, with gold shimmer, that doesn't show that much on the nail, it gives it just a glowy look that the mattes don't have.

I applied this in two coats, and it is opaque as you can see. This is my favourite so far, although I love them all.

I am not showing you this one with top coat, you get the gist, it's not so impressive, I prefer them without, because even with two coats of topcoat you can still see the bumps, and I don't enjoy that. And after two coats of topcoat, I think there's enough coats of polish on the nail.



  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I don't really like textures, but this one is lovely. <3


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