Tuesday, February 26, 2013

KIKO Sugar Mat - 642

Ok this is the pink glitter one! And I love it too.
This was also opaque in two coats, and I had the same problem with it, don't know when it's dry, so me being used to my nailpolish being dry after like 5 minutes, I start scratching my head or something, and my nailpolish does that thing when it  pushes back at the edge ( I don't know what I'm saying).

Anyways I took the blue one off yesterday, and it is so easy to take off!! It's not like glitter, it's more like holo when you take these off. So pretty excited about that!

I applied two coats of topcoat on this one two, and it is pretty both ways.

So here it is!  Do you have any? What were your picks?


  1. Ce frumoasa e! Imi place mult!

  2. I tried a couple of them in a store and really really loved this one, even if I'm not a fan of the gritty look...

  3. :D these are perfect, then! BTW do you have the 20% off coupon in France?

    1. Yes we do actually. But on these I didn't know they did the 20% sale, and bought them full price. But I bought other stuff with the coupon.


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